Monday, August 6, 2012

organizing manuals.

i used to think i was being organized by having all my manuals in this:
but the truth was, i hated the idea of digging through this box, looking for multiple papers for one product. i don't want to tell you how many kitchen appliances have stopped working in the last 5 years, that were probably still under warranty, that i didn't return because i hated this box. i should have taken a picture of the mess inside.

but, thanks to pinterest, my dread is no longer.

in comes the manual binder - 

creative idea #28: manual organization.
idea sparked by:

  • large binder - a few manuals take up a TON of space! i think mine is at least 2 inches.
  • page protectors {preferably the ones that seal all the way up on both sides. i have some in here that are only closed on one side and the manuals slide around too much and almost fall out.}
  • sticky tabs
  • sharpie
  • printer paper
  • printer
  • insert manuals into page protectors. group all papers for each product into one sleeve.
  • use sharpie and tabs to label each sleeve.
  • create pages to insert into binder cover to label binder. i got creative and labeled mine "manuals." {after i took these pics}

glory hallelujah. 

i don't dread needing a manual anymore because they're easy to find and all grouped together! no more digging in a dusty box :-)

love and happy manuals,

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