i have been asked several times to share details of different things i'm learning about food and health and i always throw together a massive list of websites, books, and documentaries for people to dive into, depending on what they want to learn. it finally occurred to me that i need to make a master copy so i don't have to keep typing everything up again and again! so here you go, a growing list of every possible resource i can think of that i love! {i also threw in a few parenting websites}

blogs and websites:

  • - i absolutely love this girl. she posts information on GMO's, the truth behind "healthy" restaurants, recipe ideas, and articles on different ingredients you need to avoid on labels and why. she's a wealth of information. i follow her on facebook so i don't miss a thing!
  • - tons of great real food recipes, food facts, tips and tricks, meal plans, etc. etc.
  • and her sister sites: - love these sites for all natural remedies, vaccine info, good ingredient replacements for cutting out sugar, white flour, etc.
  • - she has great articles about healthy living, video tutorials on making kefir, going "no 'poo", canning and preserving, just to name a few.
  • - if you're not on the cultured food bandwagon, you need to jump on board. this site has tons of recipes and testimonials of how cultured foods can cure, heal, and maintain a healthy system. i plan to make at least one cultured veggie post soon!
  • - another great cultured food website. video tutorials on kombucha, milk and water kefir, homemade yogurt, cheese, etc. If you don't know anyone locally that can give you a starter culture, you can order them on this website.
  • - my go-to guru for natural body care solutions. i love pouring over her website for recipes for homemade body care. search her archives for all the goodies!
  • - fantastic company that you can order bulk organic food and health products from once a month. They have drop offs all over the country - check out the site for more details! You can save what you like on a "favorites" page for easy reference for future orders. Also, your orders have to be a minimum of $50 {fyi} but you could easily go in on it with a friend!
  • - website that tells you what local and organic food sources are near your town!
  • - great blog for activity ideas for kids!
  • - found this site through pinterest - TONS of great hands on activities for kids. She's super creative and doesn't mind things getting a little messy!
  • - if you aren't following me on pinterest, check out my boards! I have a collection of boards about body care, health remedies, recipes, and kids activities that have become a huge resource for me!
  • Nourishing Traditions - i rented this from the library awhile back and LOVED it! Andrew bought it for me for Christmas, and i couldn't be happier! It's a mix of food education and recipes, all which have blown my mind. It explains why raw milk is better than pasteurized, why free range organic eggs are best, why fat really is good for you, and how American's came to their backwards beliefs about food. 
  • Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care - andrew bought this for me a few weeks before Cooper was born and i can't get enough of it! it's an excellent resource for mommy's diet pre-conception, during pregancy, and while nursing. She also covers various all natural health remedies and recommendations. LOVE this book!
  • The Fourfold Path to Healing - this is one i haven't read, but has been recommended to me by reliable sources!
  • Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz. I haven't read these either, but hope to purchase them soon. I watched Sandor's video tutorial on making cultured vegetables and was excited by how easy it is! i made this exact recipe and the longer it sat, the yummier it was! it also helped kick my seasonal allergies to the curb this fall. I do recommend only using one garlic clove or else your house will smell for a loooong time ;-)
  • Food Inc. - this was the gateway drug for me. it started a snowball of documentary obsession in my life, and i couldn't be happier. this one targets the meat industry and talks a little bit about Monsanto and GMOs.
  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead - about a man with an autoimmune disease that juices for 60 days and is able to get completely off his meds and loose a ton of weight. I don't want people to walk away from it thinking they need to juice everyday to be healthy, but it's got a lot of great info to think about and is a great example of how whole foods, the way God created them, heal and help your body function properly.
  • Sweet Misery and Sweet Remedy - Sadly, the first one is not carried at my local library, so i had to skip it and watch the follow up. it is, hands down, my favorite documentary to date. however, it's also the most dry presentation and it took me several sittings to get through it. it targets aspartame and MSG, their life threatening effects on your body, and the flaws in the FDA. i look at everything differently now because of this one. Avoid aspartame and MSG like the plague!
  • Food Matters - emphasizes the importance of real food vs convenience food

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