Thursday, August 9, 2012

throw it out thursday: lotion/moisturizer.


in a quest to get andrew's liver numbers low enough to have a normal rate for life insurance, i've learned so much. what started out as a diet change has turned into a life style overhaul. i look at everything i purchase differently now. that sunscreen my baby just *has* to have - hardly necessary. it's chock full of cancer causing ingredients and doesn't even block out the rays that are harmful. good thing advertising has people everywhere convinced it's a necessity and there are no other options. emery has been outside a lot this summer and only worn it once {during a lengthy trip to worlds of fun} and she hasn't been burned once. it's crazy what you can learn from other bloggers and homeopathic websites! 

the down side to our new lifestyle - not every homemade recipe i find is a winner. in fact, very few things i've tried have met my standards. i've been experimenting with homemade body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc, etc. this is not a walk in the park, but i have such a passion for keeping my family healthy by using what God created to care and heal for our bodies, rather than what man has created! as i find recipes that actually work, i'll be posting the results and reviews here. hope it helps!

throw out: body lotions and moisturizers.

why: do a google search for "harmful chemicals in lotion" to find out why. in short - if you wouldn't eat it, don't let your body absorb it. the aveeno lotion i was using contains: dimethicone, avena sativa, kernal flour, benzyl alcohol, catyl alcohol, distearyldimonium chloride, glycerin, isopropyl, palmitate, petrolatum, and sodium chloride. i don't know what most of those things are. yikes. i definitely wouldn't eat that, so i don't want it soaking into my system.

replace with:

homemade lotion/moisturizer
{makes 2 cups}
recipe from:


  • glass measuring cup
  • pot
  • blender
  • microplane or small holes of cheese grater
  • spatula
  • clean glass jar{s} - i used 2 clean artichoke jars. i recommend something short and wide enough to stick your hand all the way to the bottom.
  • a few drops of essential oil {optional}
  • 3 TB beeswax {acts as an emulsifier. i got this beast for $6 at the farmers market}
  • 1 cup water or tea {for scent}
  • 1 cup oil 
    • side note about oils - you can use most oils {avoid vegetable, canola, sunflower, safflower}, but i prefer coconut. the smell was great & the lotion was pure white! i will warn you, the lotion takes on the texture of coconut oil. for those who don't know, coconut oil changes consistency depending on the temp. if 76 and higher, it's solid and cloudy, if 75 and below, it's clear and liquid. no matter the temp, it went on my skin great, but after using both coconut and EVOO versions, i actually prefer the solid texture of the coconut oil because i found i used less and it lasted longer than the runnier EVOO batch. however, if you're giving it as a gift, i'd warn the recipient so they don't think something's wrong with it! the only con for me is that coconut oil is more expensive {best price i've found is at costco}. 
    • i used olive oil the second time, to save $ and i regret it! i don't like the smell of the olive oil, the lotion is tinted yellow, and the scent of the olive oil drowns out the scent of the essential oils i used. however, the pro is that it's more budget friendly, and has a smooth texture if you prefer that. 

  • put 1 cup water into blender.

  • pour 1 cup oil into measuring cup.
  • grate 3 TB beeswax, place in measuring cup with oil.

i've made 2 batches of lotion {4 cups} and
i've only used that tiny corner.  

  • place measuring cup in pot, pour water in pot to reach up to the level of the oil. 

  • bring the water to a gentle boil. stir the oil until the wax melts/disappears.

  •  let the oil sit to cool for 2 minutes.

  • turn on the blender, keeping the center of the blender lid off. slowly pour oil mixture into blender.

  •  some water will remain on the edges - use spatula to mix it in.

you can see the color difference -
this photo is lotion made with EVOO
and the one below is made with coconut oil.

  • pour lotion into jars. let cool completely before screwing on lids. {the condensation can cause mold}

  • according to, this lasts 3 months on the shelf, 6 months in the fridge. with emery and i using it every other day and andrew using it occasionally, it lasted us almost exactly 2 months. i plan to make a double batch next time and keep the extra in the fridge.
i love this more than any other homemade product i've tried. my very favorite thing about it -since making the switch, emery's eczema has disappeared. i love that i've saved money on a prescription {and the lotion itself} by choosing not to put chemicals on my baby.

the only con - in the middle of using this lotion, i switched to a homemade body wash that called for Dr Bronners Soap. the soap left my skin feeling waxy, and when i went to put on the lotion, the water separated from the oil and left water beads all over my skin. super weird! i was still moisturized from the oil, but the little beads take a few minutes to dry up! if you use Dr Bronners, you've been warned!

also, i know that i wont always have the leisure to make things like homemade lotion. instead of waiting until i used up all our store bought lotion, i just tucked it away in the back of the closet to save for those times i can’t get around to making it.

what are your favorite homemade recipes?? i'm trying everything i can, so i'm craving some good recommendations!

love and healthy families,


  1. I made the lotion, following your directions... however after the lotion cooled in hardened up a lot. When I went to use it, it came out like a thick dried up cream, and left water beads behind. The water in the ingredients seems to be separating from the oil... is there a secret to fixing this? Do I need to blend it longer? I think I would like it if it didn't have little water beads in it when I went to use it.

    1. Did you use coconut oil? the lotion takes on the consistency of the oil you choose, so if you used coconut oil and your home is below 76, it would be a thicker mixture. I didn't like it at first, but i actually started to prefer it after awhile. I felt like i had better control of how much lotion i was using bc i was scooping it out of a jar as opposed to pumping it from a bottle. with my EVOO batch, it was easier to scoop out way more than i needed. As for the water beads - do you mean that it's separating in the jar or on your skin as you rub it in? i mentioned in the post that i switched to a body wash containing Dr Bronners half way through using my first batch of lotion, and that's when i started having the problem with the water beads too. The Dr Bronners left my skin feeling waxy and at that point, only the oil would rub into my skin. I wonder if it's actually because of your body wash. What kind do you use?

    2. I think it just does that because of the coconut oil getting solid again. Melt it an mix it up and it goes back to normal :)