Friday, August 3, 2012

fun things friday {toddler activities}.

ok, in attempt to keep myself in a routine of documenting fun times with emery, i want to start making fridays a recap of the fun things we did that week. we'll see how long it lasts/how consistent i am ;-)

creative idea #26: water play.
idea sparked by: my teaching days at the preschool.


  • bucket
  • water proof toys {we chose measuring cups and spoons, whisk, wooden spoon, and cookie cutters}
  • water
  • towel {i should have laid one under the bucket, it was a little slippery for her tiny feet!}

will someone put a pony tail in this kid's hair? where is her mother? sheesh.

creative idea #27:sensory bottles.
idea sparked by:pink pistachio

  • empty bottles
  • small objects {we chose beads, pom poms, glitter, and googlie eyes}
  • water and/or oil
  • hot glue gun

i did oil in the bottle on the left because the
beads are heavier - i wanted them in something they
could float in a little more. the pom poms
on the right dyed the water pink, but it would be
fun to do food coloring too!
{emery just learned how to screw caps
off and on, so just in case, i hot glued
them on.}


love and creativity,

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