Thursday, July 12, 2012

psych party.

this is the number 1 post that makes me sad about my lack of photography skills. i love this party with my whole heart, but the pictures i took do not make it look like the dreamy, wish-you-were-here party that professional photographers capture. 

oh well. 

a friend from church is a psych enthusiast, who married her equal. naturally, a psych-themed wedding shower was born. this was by far my favorite shower to do - my "homework" involved watching as many psych episodes as i could to get ideas and get the exact quotes i needed! 

because there were a lot of people coming that had never seen the show before, i didn't want them to be totally out of the loop, so i made sure EVERY.SINGLE.DETAIL. had a printed quote to "explain" the method behind this seemingly random decor.

side note: the budget was only $60 so i had to be super frugal with what i got and resourceful with what i had. 

oh, and ps - sry about the weird layout, i wanted the pics extra large for this post so you could read the quotes, but for some reason all the pics are centered weird...{i'm probably the only one that notices...}

creative idea #21: psych party.
idea sparked by: um...psych. all ideas are actually original this time around, except for the framed quotes about gus. those came from an etsy shop, but the link is broken now.


for the drink table, i used butcher paper from Michaels, markers, army men from the dollar store, embroidery hoop from hobby lobby, and yellow post its from my friend to create the air hockey table/battle scene reenactment.
i picked up cups from starbucks to serve coffee in.

we just had water and coffee, but looking back, there should have been pineapple punch too...

this was the backdrop to the drinks table, to cover up a white board in the youth room of our church.
with shawn and gus being the food enthusiasts that they are, i was pretty pumped about the food table.  i asked a few people who had already offered to bring food if they wouldn't mind making specific things to go with the theme. the awesome ladies were happy to do it!
most of the food table...
i sprinkled the table with plastic gold coins. i would have gotten the chocolate coins to fit the quote better, but i ran out of money and already had these on hand from my preschool days. the plastic coins can be found at hobby lobby, and the chocolate coins can be found at party city.

i splurged on my favorite detail - see the giant wedding ring at
 the base of the bouquet?? $10 half price for 4 of them at hobby lobby. 
"and this is my partner," frames from michaels.

"Gus, don"t be..."
all 3 of these napkin patterns are from hobby lobby - 

2nd favorite detail of the party - i went to the preschool i used to work at and dicut the exact numbers for pi. favorite.banner.ever.

you can't host a psych party with out offering cinnamon pie. good gracious, it was yummy. the pie expert that made it though mentioned it should be baked a little longer than the recipe calls for. recipe can be found here. you are so welcome.
i have never loved the Dietzel family more than when they made these amazing mini pineapple upside down cakes. judging by the fact that they were pretty much gone by the end of the party {i think 2 people split the last one}, i'd say they were way better than the ones shawn made. {it could maybe be due to the fact that the Deitzel's used a real oven.} here's the recipe. oh and bonus points for life for my friend that let me borrow her prized possession easy bake oven.

please don't laugh at me. i tried to free hand the leaf...

this just took 2 pieces of poster board and some safety pins.


i should have brought an iron... 
another lady from church let me borrow her flag, and a friend copied the font from the american duos episode onto construction paper to help me make this backdrop. i especially love it because it's a bridal shower...american duos...get it?

in hindsight, i should have hot glued the cards to the yarn, and had less gaps. i don't like that you can see the yarn...
you can't forget a pineapple...and what better decoration than the actual show?? 
we also had water here

with a small selection of fake mustaches from hobby lobby

they look just like lassie...
lassie as a  baby...

so there you have it, my favorite shower ever.

love and fake psychics,


  1. I absolutely love all of it. When my sister gets married I'm so going to do this for her; we are HUGE psych fans.

  2. so glad you like it!! i'm a little obsessed myself, if you can't tell ;-) i came across this blog post the other day that had more fun ideas!

  3. It seems you'd a fabulous party! Oh gosh that baby with moustaches looks really cute! Have a great weekend ya...

  4. OMG, I am so cracking up! Hubby and I love Psych too and this is just perfect! You did a super job with everything!

  5. I think your Canadian flag turned out really good and that mustache is classic! Thank you for stopping by and sharing. Please visit again soon.

  6. Best idea on the planet!!! I'm so going to do this someday!

    1. I can't believe I put .net as my URL. I'm an idiot lol
      I cannot stop smiling at this btw!

  7. Really awesome!! I love Psych and it's so cool to be loud and proud about it like this!

  8. Thanks for the ideas! Excited to have my own Psych party!!

  9. Love this idea! I'm going to have a party too and I wanted to know what font did you use for the Gus don't be a list? It would really help me out. Thanks!

    1. the font was cooper black! If you want to email me at mrsbarraclough at gmail dot com I can send you the files :-)

  10. Such brilliant “psych” party! I am extremely happy to know about this. Anyway, I would also host bridal shower for my sister and I have save a lot of ideas from this post. Now I just need to book a spacious event space Chicago for her bash. Hoping to find a good one soon!