Tuesday, August 21, 2012

balloon sensory matching.

i wouldn't change my job title for anything. being a wife and mom is the BEST! emery's curiosity is my daily reward for staying home - we have the best adventures and she makes everything so much fun. yesterday wasn't any different...

toddler activity: balloon sensory matching

when i worked at the preschool, one of my all time favorite themes was the week devoted to the 5 senses. one of the center time activities was a matching game. I filled balloons with various things and created cards with pictures of each thing. the kids got to squish, poke, and prod and then lay the balloons on the card they thought was the right match.

i know emery isn't there yet, but i keep seeing sensory balloons on pinterest and thought i'd make them again! i still have the cards, so for the sake of the post, i thought i'd fill them with what's in the pictures, even though it wont matter for her right now!
all you need is a funnel {for some things},
the balloons, and various items
that are different sizes and textures.
feeling the rice balloon!
she loved watching mommy 

use the funnel to fill it!
things got a little messy...
corn through our
funnel was a no go.
so we put them in ourselves.

she wanted in that flour bag so bad!
funneling the sand.
we also did shampoo and marbles.
honestly, i was surprised
how much she loved these -
i didn't think they would
last that long, but she
loved picking them up
one by one and squishing them!

in a few years, i'll add in the cards and i wont let her help me fill them so she wont know what's in what!

i just found the pictures on google images, printed them off, traced a balloon image, and laminated them {which definitely isn't necessary, i just had access to one at the preschool and with 12 new kids every year, i needed them to last!}

{marbles, corn, rice.}
{flour, shampoo, sand.}

love and guessing games,

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  1. I LOVE this idea Amber! I will definitely be making this too :) Don't you just love how serious they get when they are so interested in something. Emery is adorable! Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  2. Such an awesome idea! I've done visual, auditory and olfactory matching, but never anything like this. So cool and clean. :) New follower from Musings of an Imperfect Mom. I have some cool kids activities too. Come check me out at: http://musingsofanimperfectmom.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi I'm Kristen found a link on bowl full of lemons. I love the matching cards you made with the pictures. I made a set of these at work with 2 of each to "feel a match" love the visual. I doubled the balloons, by cutting the end off a second balloon putting the tied end first. I used 2 different colored balloons so it looks interesting, plus it's a little thicker to avoid rips.

  4. oh! i never thought of that - that's awesome! i love getting feedback from readers - you guys have such great ideas! thanks for the comment :-)

  5. Awesome idea! My kids loved feeling things through balloons. (I do too! It feels pretty cool!)

  6. Thanks so much for linking up at One Creative Weekend! I hope to see you back tomorrow!

  7. Let's see how many comments I can get in a row! I'll be featuring you tomorrow! Please come grab a featured button and link up anything new you'd like to share at OneCreativeMommy.com.

    1. thanks heidi! i really appreciate it! love your blog - thanks for hosting the linky party!

  8. These are fantastic! I'm definitely making these this weekend. So glad I found your blog through One Creative Mommy! :)

  9. I am working on planning a week on the five senses for my 3 and 2 year old. What a great idea! I can't wait to try it with them! Thanks for sharing. Amanda from lovinglearner.blogspot.com

  10. So fun! I shared this on Google+ and pinned for later :)

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