Thursday, October 25, 2012

fall art for toddlers.

i'm still not game for much DiYing lately, but i only have 3 weeks left until the end of first trimester! can't wait to be back to myself again!

here's a fun time-killing project emery and i did back in august that she absolutely loved!

crunched leaf art:

my little leaf collector :-)
her loot. 
she helped me crunch them up in the bag.
then we smeared glue all over
our paper with a paint brush.
i love this face!
she got into a groove :-)
as usual, we made a mess,
but as usual, it was worth it!
we made several and delivered them to a few family members. daddy took the turquoise one to work and mommy hung one up on the fridge! they didn't last very long, but it was all about the process, rather than the result!

if i'm feeling up for it today, i'm going to enlist emery's help after nap - our yard is full of sweet gum seeds that i want to make a garland out of and i need an experienced collector.

love and crunching leaves,

Monday, October 15, 2012

DiY banana invitation.

it has been a season for babies in my family and i love celebrating with mommies-to-be! while sitting on the couch this month, i had the chance to do a little prep for decorating a monkey themed baby shower! here's a peek into the festivities!

good ol' pinterest led me to this gem. i knew it was The One when i saw it - i'm not good at making cute traditional style cards on the computer and i didn't want to spend much on invites cause we had a tight budget. these cost 50 cents + cardstock i needed to buy anyway.

there was no tutorial on the site, just a picture, so i thought i'd do a step by step just for fun :-)

  • first, i found a banana image on google and copied it into word. i used multiple text boxes to add the necessary info and make it curve with the shape of the banana. i added a monkey picture for good measure.  no worries if the text box takes away part of the lines - you're going to cut them off anyway.

  • next, i printed off as many invites as a needed + 1. i cut out the extra banana OUTSIDE the black line and used it to trace the banana shape on the pieces of felt.


  •  i cut out all the rest of the paper bananas INSIDE the black line, to be the actual fruit. i glued the bottom half to the felt, centering it on the felt peel.

  •  once dry, i cut the peel in half, starting at the base of the stem.

how's that for cheap, easy, and adorable? gotta love pinterest.

love and soon-to-be babies,