Thursday, August 2, 2012

30 day photo countdown.

my family has been traveling for 13+ months straight, visiting all 50 states - check out their blog: - to read about all their adventures! my aunt gave a recap of each state, so if you're traveling anywhere, i recommend checking out their reviews for ideas :-)

emery and i were getting antsy about their return and decided to take on a project to keep ourselves busy the few weeks before they came home. my friend and her boyfriend {now husband} did a photo countdown when they were in college and i always thought it was such a fun idea! like always, i copied her genius and made one for my family :-)
{i took them on my phone and texted them the new number each day.}

you could do this for anything - counting down to christmas, family in the military coming home, counting down the days to a big vacation, etc. i posted these on facebook as i went and was surprised by the number of people who loved following it!

creative idea #25: 30 day photo countdown.
idea sparked by: my friend kim.


so there you have it - that's pretty much all we've been doing the last 30 days - thinking up ideas and taking billions of pictures to get just the right ones :-)

have you ever counted down something like this? how did you do it?

love and family,

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