Wednesday, August 22, 2012

how to quickly cut a watermelon.

a few years ago i was over at my husband's aunt house and as usual, she was working in the kitchen. i pretty much always sit at the counter and watch her work because i always learn something new at her house!

i dont even know that she knows this, but one particular day i'm pretty sure my eyes were bugging out of my head and my jaw was on the floor {but i think i was trying to play it cool because she was telling me story}

as a little background to this event - i got married when i was 19. i was super insecure in pretty much everything homemaking related and was pretty positive everyone out there knew exactly what they were doing except me. being 25 now and having talked with many married friends, i now know this isn't true. there are tons of homemakers out there that are totally winging it! i'm not alone!

so, back to my story. i went on with my life for years assuming everyone else knew this trick but me until just a few weeks ago my mom needed to cut up a watermelon and i offered to do it for her. she went upstairs for a few minutes and when she came back down, i was done. i'm pretty sure her eyes were bugging out of her head and her jaw was on the floor. she wanted to know how in the heck it didn't take me 14 hours to wrestle with and conquer the watermelon.

this, dear people, is the answer:

get yourself a watermelon.
and a knife.
and a cutting board.
cut the beast into 4 sections.
from the back of the rind
to the front of the fruit,
cut even sections.
then, coming down from the top,
cut from rind to rind
to make bite sized chunks.
then, going from front to back,
make the final cut, separating the chunks
from the rind and rest of the watermelon.
as you loosen a section,
keep the chunks on the knife,
secure them with your hand,
and dump them in the bowl.
pour the juice from the rind
into a glass and drink it!
have flashbacks to my honeymoon in mexico.
sit back and enjoy the fact
that you did that wicked fast.
if you're looking for something to do with all the watermelon you  bought and cut just to try out this trick, i have a solution. last night we made this amazing watermelon and arugula salad from the Whole Foods website. i left out the red onion cause we were going to someone's house and wanted to be able to talk to them after dinner, but you can leave it in if you don't mind onion breath. 

hopefully this helped some newbie 19 year old wife out there...if not, at least my mom now has photos to go along with my verbal explanation.

love and watermelon juice,


  1. This is brilliant. Thank you Amber.

  2. your welcome! i just had to pass along martha's genius! hope it helps :-)

  3. That's how I do it, too. Thanks so much for linking up at One Creative Weekend!