Thursday, August 23, 2012

throw it out thursday: eye make up remover.

when i ran out of eye make up remover a few months ago, we were in an unexpected financial bind. i didn't want to spend any extra money until i knew what was going to happen {long story} so i hopped on pinterest and started searching. 

i found TONS of eye make up remover recipes, but they were all AWFUL! maybe i was just spoiled with the effectiveness of the brand i had been using, but the recipes i was finding took 2-3 cotton rounds, burning eyes, and gobs of remover to get my eyes completely make up free. not cool.

i have also been on an insane blog kick - subscribing to tons of blogs through facebook and email so that i have to do less work when finding healthy alternatives - the research now comes to me! anyways, a few weeks before this, i had signed up for emails from the wonderful lady read my mind and sent out an email about all natural face wash and eye make up remover. she only briefly mentioned that she used EVOO as eye make up remover, so i thought i would share what i did and give all the credit to her! the best part is the ingredient list: 

  • EVOO
that's it. {maybe crunchy betty is crazy...surely there's more to it!?}

  • eye dropper {i got this one for under $3 at whole foods}
  • cotton round 


  • i find this works best right after i've gotten out of the shower, or if i've held a hot wash cloth over my face for a minute, to soften the mascara.
  • soak the cotton round with water. squeeze out all excess. {i cannot stress how important this is. when i first tried EVOO as eye make up remover, i HATED it because i didn't do this. somehow it helps the olive oil spread better and not get globs in your eyes - which BURNS}
  • fill dropper all the way with EVOO, squirt evenly over cotton round. use fingers to spread it out more. 

  • remove eye make up as usual.

love and less chemicals,


  1. Thank you for this! Great idea! Loving your blog btw!

    1. thanks lana! hope you love it as much as i do!