Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3 toddler activities.

**even though many of these activities are common knowledge to most mommies everywhere, i like to think of this blog as a scrapbook of memories, so i'm posting about them anyway :-)**

emery has officially reached that stage where a basic toy just doesn't cut it. she's always preferred to play by herself and do her own thing, but last week a switch was flipped. now she wants to interact, to be challenged, for her toys to engage her and make her think. my thoughts on this?

i'm in mommy heaven.

i've been waiting and waiting (since before she was born) for the day she would be excited about planned activities. my 5 years at the preschool were not in vain - they will now be poured into my little  girl as fast as she can take it.

because my time at the preschool was with *ahem* preschoolers, i'm still figuring out this toddler thing - what she's capable of, what she's interested in, and what's gonna go right over her head. so, for our first planned playtime, i started simple...

creative idea #22: outdoor water painting.
idea sparked by:


she loved playing with the ice and stirring it around with her brushes! obviously, this didn't keep her occupied for long {not much does these days} but we took it inside and played with the ice cubes on the floor in the kitchen and that kept her occupied for a little longer. she loved it! :-)

creative idea #23: box of stars.
idea sparked by:

i stabbed holes in the
box with closed scissors

just poke mini lights in
the holes and plug it in!

we had a blast reading, playing with toys, touching the stars, and playing peek-a-boo out of a hole cut from the side of the box. 

creative idea #24: playdough. {i shouldn't be calling this a creative idea.}
idea sparked by: ...basic common knowledge that playdough is awesome. 


i made myself a playdough bracelet and little emery got the giggles when i made it smaller and put it on her :-) i love having a girly girl!

love and sweet memories,


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