Wednesday, July 4, 2012

burlap picture frame earring holder.

this move has officially been harder than the last one. at our last place, we moved in to a smaller space that was quicker and easier to organize (and we had less stuff, having only been married 8 months). i was mostly done unpacking and organizing that night. this is not the case this time around. we have more stuff and a much different layout. we have a kid and a dog that we've acquired since our last move (and everything that comes with them), both making money and time more scarce. but, i wouldn't trade it for anything. i'm loving working on projects and seeing our home come together. i'm loving getting rid of excess to make our place less crowded and less work. my most recent project has finally left my dresser clutter free! hallelujah! one space at a time, it will get done!

creative idea #19: burlap picture frame earring holders
idea sparked by: i've seen these all over pinterest...


  • frames
  • burlap (or other very loose knit fabric)
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors


  • remove back from picture frame. if this is going to be a stand up frame, rip the hinge off the backing and throw the back away.
  • cut your burlap to size.

  • hot glue one side down, in 1-2 inch segments, pulling the burlap tight (along the length of the glue) to keep it from puckering.

  • repeat on all sides.

  • hot glue the hinge to the edge

my first one puckered a
lot because i didn't pull
it tight enough. the second
time around it looked
a lot better!

i love organizing, especially when it doubles as decor. i love how these look next to my tree branch jewelry holder!

how do you organize your jewelry?

love and beautiful storage,

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