Thursday, January 5, 2012

my decoupage addiction.

there's no exaggerating here, i really am addicted. i would decoupage everything in our house if i could, but so far i've only covered 2 pieces of furniture :-) this project was an old bookcase from my parents that needed a little love. Warning, this is a project from a few years ago and my pics are not too hot. oh well. i still like the bookcase.
creative idea #3: map bookcase
idea sparked by: sweet decoupage projects everywhere!

for those of you who have never decoupaged - it's super easy! all you need is:

  • Mod Podge {or you can make it yourself by mixing 50% water and 50% glue in an empty bottle and shaking it up}
  • a paint brush
  • an object {furniture, clip board, box, etc, etc.}
  • whatever you want to cover it with {fabric, scrapbook paper, maps, newspaper, etc.}

Step 1 - cover a medium sized section with Mod Podge. if you do too much at a time it will dry before you can get it covered. also, try to keep your brush tip in the glue so it doesn't dry out.

Step 2 - working quickly, cover glue with desired amount of paper. if you want, you can crumple the paper, flatten it out, and tear into sections. i preferred this so my perfectionist self would be ok with things not lining up or the maps bubbling up as they dried. i started by covering the top with one map and then folding the excess over the sides of the bookcase.

i continued by tearing off the most interesting parts of the maps {found in old National Geographic Magazines} so that every part of my bookcase would be appealing.

ta-da! all done! it took me two days off and on, and i'm so excited about the way it looks. i love decoupage because the possibilities are endless - don't overlook the cheap dresser on craigslist that looks hideous - cover it with something beautiful, replace the knobs, and you have something unique to match your space :-)

love and mod podge,

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  1. I love this Amber! It would look great in a schoolroom. Thanks for sharing your creativity with the rest of us!