Thursday, December 29, 2011

milk and cookie upgrade.

hopefully i’ll be posting more frequently than this, but it was Christmas, so i was a little busy! hope your Christmas was marvelous!

mine was spent hosting and hosting and hosting – one of my favorite things to do, especially when it comes to my cousins. they were in town for 10 days from a 13 month vacation. they are currently traveling all 50 states in an RV {check out their blog –} while someone else is living in their home. 

since they couldn't host parties at their place, i offered for them to host in our cozy little abode. to make it an extra special occasion for the girls, who miss their friends terribly, i made fun party drinks for them! here’s the how-to!

Creative Idea # 2: The Milk and Cookie Upgrade
Idea sparked by: MixingBowlKids
                 {pretend like my photos are half as good as hers. please.}  

{How fun are these?!? 
Cookie is on a stick for easy dipping!}

Ingredients and Tools: 
   cookie dough
    cookie scoop
    cookie sheet
    candy sticks {i got mine from Michaels}
    chocolate for melting

Step 1 - Form cookie dough into balls with cookie scoop and place each ball on top of a candy stick on a lightly greased cookie sheet. {or you can poke the stick in the cookie dough ball} Bake cookies like normal. Let cool before removing from cookie sheet.

Step 2 - meanwhile, melt chocolate on the stove. once melted, slowly and gently dip the rim in the chocolate. the blogger at dipped her glasses much deeper than mine. i preferred a thin rim because i had less dripping to worry about. turn the glass around a few times to let the chocolate take shape before dipping into the sprinkles 

Step 3 - Fill glasses with milk. Remove cookies from cookie sheet and gently place on rims of glass. {However, if i ever get the chance to make these again, i think i would prefer to display the cookies like you usually see cake pops and have more than one per person.}

i did a few things differently than Jan on MixingBowlKids - i choose to dip the rims in chocolate - she said to do agave or honey. Also, i did my cookies on the end of the stick, she did her's in the middle. Tweak it to your preferences! 

enjoy! if you have questions or comments, i'd love to hear them!

love and milk mustaches,

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