Friday, June 14, 2013

terra cotta: 3 ways.

my pots needed help. in a bad, bad way. i had painted them for an event several years ago with leftover paint from our old town home walls and the rain had started peeling it away.

*hangs head in shame* 
yes, this was sitting on my deck.
thankfully, after a massive pinterest hunt for DiY flower pot ideas, i transformed my sad herb garden into something a lot more perky!

#1 - hemp and hot glue
idea from {exact link is broken}. this is pretty self explanatory. the original idea kept the terra cotta unfinished on the top, but clearly i didn't have that option. plus, i like the pop of color! 

#2 - toddler art
i used to be obsessed with everything in my house matching perfectly. if something was going to be on display, it had to coordinate with my decor. mommyhood gave me a radical change of heart - emery's creations are like gold to me - there's no way it has to match my house for me to want to set it out to be seen everyday! she made a flower pot for each of her grandma's for mother's day and i was so sad to see them leave our house that i quickly ran to the store and got a pot for her to paint for me!
can anyone tell me why my dill
 is dying at the bottom but
continuing to grow at the top?
i'm a newbie and confused..
#3 - free-hand stripes
this one is original...i  liked the bright colors combined with neutrals of the color blocked pots i was finding on pinterest, but i didn't want it to look too similar to pot #1. i only wish i had fewer stripes, more spaced out, but i'm too busy with 2 kiddos now to even day dream about redoing it!

i'm loving using fresh herbs in my cooking! i just started culturing some pickles with our dill a few days ago and can't wait to make pesto with my 2 basil plants! i'm also going to try my second attempt at mint extract...i tried it once with store bought mint, right before all the hospital stuff happened, but it smelled weird. hope it works this time around!

emery loves helping in the garden &
is great at watering the plants everyday!
i have to tell her to stop stealing herbs
 from the garden - she could eat them all day!
love and fresh picked deliciousness,

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