Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the latest news...

baby #2 is on the way :-) 
due may 17th!

i'm sooo excited - i can't imagine having 2 little loves to take care of everyday! being pregnant is quite the mix of emotions though - we've had baby fever for months and couldn't be more excited but, on the flip side, with emery i had the most awful pregnancy i could have imagined. if it's as bad as last time, i'm going to miss out on the next 3 months of emery's life, pretty much completely.

with emery, i started feeling sick right at week 4 but didn't actually get sick until 6 1/2 weeks. with this one, i started feeling sick at week 3 and got sick for the first time at week 4. not looking good.

one thing that gives me hope is the fact that our life style has changed so much since emery was born. with emery, i used everything the doctor could provide for me {meds, a trip to the ER for dehydration, vitamins, etc} to eliminate my sickness, just short of bringing a nurse into our home to keep me on an IV drip. {they really did offer. i didn't even know you could do that.}

this time around, as soon as i found out i was pregnant, i dove into natural pregnancy websites and blog posts to read all i could about relieving morning sickness. {just for the record, i hate calling it morning sickness. i have all-freaking-day sickness. morning sickness sounds like the clouds have parted, angels are signing, and a glorious gift has been bestowed upon me in the form of a promise that i will only get sick in the mornings. that sounds like a dream. when i say morning sickness, i feel like i'm lying and tell you i've been given that special gift. i haven't.}

this blog post is to track:
  • what i'm reading
  • things i'm trying
  • what worked and didn't work

i plan to update this with more info and keep it as a personal journal for future reference. if anyone else is looking for info on natural pregnancy, check out Modern Alternative Pregnancy. this link is what i've been pouring over for the last few days. 

so far i've already:
  • made some infused water {she said to do lemon water, but i also added ginger slices and crushed up fennel in a tea steeper.} last time i couldn't handle the intensity of the ginger candies, so i'm hoping a little ginger in my water will be enough to ease the feeling.
  • eaten straight fennel . i remembered her mentioning fennel was good for you, so yesterday while i was doubled over in the kitchen with my eyes closed, trying to think happy thoughts, i remembered her praise of fennel. i pulled it out off the spice drawer and ate a small handful. within a few minutes, i was good to go. {i think this will only help for mild nausea. when it gets too bad, things like this don't help me.}
  • increased my protein. 
    1. we picked up sprouted bread and bagels from whole foods last night, along with some organic valley grass-fed cream cheese. it made the perfect breakfast this morning. sprouted grains are also high in vitamin B {i was taking vitamin B supplements with my last pregnancy because it reduces nausea. i'm hoping my diet will eliminate the need for pills this time around.} 
    2. as i'm typing this, i'm finishing up an amazing bowl of lentil soup from my aunt. 
    3. i also got some raw pepitas {shelled pumpkin seeds} from whole foods and plan to cook them in mild spices later today to have on hand to munch. Andrew scouted out the nuts in the whole food bins and said pepitas and peanuts had the highest protien content.
  • worn sea sickness bands. these only help me in the first few weeks, but i'll take what i can get.
  • sipped pregnancy tea. there's a link to a homemade liquid vitamin recipe below that i plan to make this week, but in the mean time, Yogi pregnancy tea contains a lot of the same herbs.
in the coming days and weeks, i also plan to:
  • make homemade chicken broth to sip when i can't eat anything else.
  • make this homemade liquid multivitamin. read her post for the benefits of making your own vs taking a pill. only downer is that it has to steep for 6 weeks.
  • regularly visit the chiropractor. i didn't start going to a chiropractor until after emery was born. i had no idea that simple adjustments can help relieve nausea. i hope this helps!
  • get acupuncture. i hate hate hate needles. but i love my daughter more. if getting acupuncture means that i'll be well enough to have quality time with emery, then sign me up.

you could probably assume this, but if i'm as sick as last time, the blog is going to be pitiful for awhile. there might be a post here and there if i'm able to do things worth blogging about, but for the most part, i'll probably be in the bathroom on my knees. {or making the most of the little moments i can get with emery without loosing my lunch}

anyone else have any natural "morning" sickness remedies?? i'll take any advice i can get! i'll try to keep you posted on how the natural remedies work {or don't work} for me.

love and running to the bathroom,


  1. Anything with ginger.
    Suck on peppermints or drink peppermint tea.
    I know this is going to sound gross and horrible for you, but greasy foods. Greasy foods help to coat the stomach so when you do eat food, it doesn't affect the nausea as much.
    Although, I think you have a pretty good list of your own. I'd try that before the grease. =D

    I'm learning about lemon. It is a pretty powerful substance. My dad drinks lemon juice everyday upon reading something about it, and his levels for his prostate cancer are dropping. I know, not pregnancy related as much as the power of lemon.

    Glad you are experimenting with different things, and I hope you find something that works for you AND that this doesn't last too long. (I ended up on an IV with my first one, not fun.) I totally sympathize with you, as well as, it is not morning sickness as much as ALL DAY sickness...bologna!

    So happy for all 4 of you! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Will be praying for you.

    1. thanks for the feedback cathy! i will definitely try those out! i'm having to get used to lemon - i'm not a fan, but it sounds like it's worth it! i'll have to start reading up on it!

  2. Congrats again Amber! I am so excited for you all :) I hope some of this works for you and you can enjoy your time with sweet little Emery!! LOVE the pic ;)

    1. thanks tracy! i'm savoring every little moment we have and so grateful that the sickness is gradual! excited to see you guys tomorrow :-)

  3. Congrats! & really sorry you have such sickies!...praying it will pass quick for you this time around. No fun!, I loved the ginger candies & have read alot about using protein which it sounds like you already know. I kept raw almonds by my bedside.
    Samantha Corpus

    1. thanks samantha! the ginger candy is working for me so far...last time it was a no go :-/ good idea on keeping nuts by the bed...i need to stock up on almonds!

  4. You might want yo try acidophilus. Its an all natural pill that has helped me when ive had food poisining, the flu, or just a little tummy ache.