Wednesday, May 16, 2012

polka dot garland.

well, let's have a little recap on my week, shall we? 

  1. i lost my phone {still haven't found it}, 
  2. our computer filled completely up and i had no room to upload or edit pics {hence the failed attempt at birthday week on the blog}, 
  3. i celebrated my first mother's day and emery's first birthday {which went absolutely perfect, other than the insane wind. i couldn't use 80% of my decorations, therefore i have no elaborate party pics to post like i had planned. that's what i get for hosting an outdoor party. oh and it was freezing cold.}
  4. my aunt is in town for 2 weeks from california. 
at least my list is half good. to add to the positive side, i'm typing all this from our new computer. glory hallelujah! 

so, let's pretend like it's only a day or two from the last post and i'm prepping for a party that's going to go smoothly...

creative idea #9: polka dot garland.
idea sparked by:

  • circle hole punch(es) {i did 3 different sizes}
  • paper {i chose stiff scrapbook paper. not sure how well regular paper would work on a sewing machine...}
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • scissors
  • glue
  • unwrapped roll of paper towels {optional}
  • punch circles

  • feed into sewing machine 
    • i've seen garlands with a fun thread that adds a pop of color, or one that blends in {i love both ways!}
    • i've also seen garlands where the circles are fed through  perfectly centered and ones where they're off centered to give a quirky fun look. 
    • other garlands have the circles touching, others have spaces of thread in between. get creative!

  • when you have the garland the length you want it, snip the thread and use a small smear of glue to keep the thread from coming out of the paper. 
  • when the glue dried, i chose to tape one end to the roll of paper towels, and wind it around to keep it from tangling.

just a few projects left to go...

{UPDATE} - my friend kim tweaked this idea and made it into a sports theme! check out the blog post here!

love and birthday cake,


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