Thursday, April 26, 2012

painting with baby + postcard puzzle.

today emery and i wanted to make a present to send in the mail. there are only so many ways an 11 month old can get crafty. we combined 2 ideas and made a fun postcard puzzle for far away family!

creative idea #8: painting with baby + postcard puzzle
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  • poster board {we cut ours in half}
  • 1 ziplock bag {we used gallon size}
  • paint
  • blue tape
  • scissors
  • ruler

  • squirt paint randomly on poster board
  • cut the zipper and 2 sides off ziplock bag so that when you open it it's one long sheet {i cut mine into two for this and wish i hadn't. emery found it fast and wanted to open it}
  • tape bag over paint with blue tape
  • let baby go to town! i showed emery how to pat it, she crawled on it, walked on it, etc. After she was done we peeled off the tape and added some painted baby foot prints to fill in the empty spots.

  • Let dry
  • You can stop here, obviously, but we kept going. I filled in some fun doodles so that it could be a puzzle. Then i cut the poster board in half and then cut each half into 4 postcard sized pieces.
  • I flipped them all over and wrote a small message that started at the bottom of the first postcard and went all the way down to the last postcard {it was only one line on each card. when the puzzle is put together, they'll be able to read the message}
can't wait for them to get their mail!

what other activities are good for babies? i'm always looking for ideas...

love and artwork,

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